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As part of an ongoing program of continual product assessment, a potential safety concern has been identified relating to the strap security of the Red Kite Jumparound shown above.


Products affected have Batch References between RK 3213 - RK 3580


The four seat attachment straps may, over time and extensive use, wear excessively in particular on the underside of the strap. If undetected, this presents a potential detachment hazard.


IMPORTANT: If your product is pictured above, check it immediately. If any strap shows any signs of fraying, wearing or excessive wear and tear, STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY and contact Red Kite to request a Replacement Strap Pack.

Batch References can be found on the fabric label located on the reverse side of the seat unit.


To request a Replacement Strap Pack please contact us directly:


Call us on: 01454 326 568 or 01454 326 555


E mail us at:


or through our website at


Write to us at: The Red Kite Baby Co Ltd. 35 Lavenham Road, Beeches Industrial Estate, Yate, Bristol, BS37 5QX


To watch a video suggesting how to replace the straps and download a PDF of the Strap Replacement Instructions, please click here: To download a PDF version of the Jumparound User Guide: please click here:


We have taken this action to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Baby Go Round Jumparound


Download Safety Notice

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