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We have worked hard to give parents more choice, no matter what your lifestyle or your budget. We will help you find exactly what you need: reasonable prices and quality products.

Let's get this party started

Having a baby is a big step and you want to get it right. Not just finding the pushchair and sorting the nursery but figuring out how to be a parent. It’s all one BIG learning curve. But whether you’re getting your head round home birthing or wondering about weaning, the important thing to remember is: you’ve got this. And for everything else, you’ve got us. So let us go through some things that we think you will find helpful and see what we can offer.

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Make the easy choices

With so many options available to you, finding the right products can take time. Our range is designed to provide a range of possibilities no matter what your lifestyle. And with our commitment to always being affordable and our handy products, you can narrow down your choices to find what you need at the right price!

Let's see what we can do

When you buy something from Red Kite, you want to know that it will last. That’s why we believe in testing our products rigorously, to make sure they’re up to the challenge. So rest assured, we have thought of every single thing we can to make sure you have the peace of mind, and your little one has the best possible time. So let us get a list together of some of the things we think you'll find helpful on this amazing journey.

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