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The Red Kite universal footmuff is a 2 in 1 all weather footmuff suitable to fit most strollers and buggies. Suitable from newborn, the footmuff is well padded to ensure warmth in colder days with excellent quality interior fleece lining. The footmuff features a fold down front flap that includes practical built in hand warmers for baby. Adjustable harness slots to suit growing children is a bonus. The front section of the footmuff can be easily removed using the zip fastening to leave the padded seat liner for using during warmer months.

Universal Footmuff

    • Suitable from newborn
    • Fits most strollers and buggies.
    • Fully padded fleece footmuff
    • Includes built in hand warmers.
    • Practical hard wearing outer fabric.
    • Removeable front cover
    • Fleece seat liner to be used in warmer months.
    • Adjustable harness slots for growing baby
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